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APRIL 22, 2014

Alright, so this week was good. 

On Tuesday we had an exchange, and I stayed in our area with Elder Martin. He’s from New Zealand and such an awesome dude. we worked hard and got some good stuff done!
The rest of the week was us finishing stopping by those less actives. On Friday we had Zone Conference, my last one! It was about the Fall.   I learned about some different ways to look at it. We learned that, especially for the fall, you have to understand the doctrine deeper to explain it simpler. I think i’ll be able to do that a lot better now!

On Thursday we went tto the Hyde Park chapel with Marcelo and watched a silent film called King of Kings and one of the senior missionaries played the organ to it. It was really cool! He played for 2 hours straight!!!!

On Saturday we played football, always fun, then we had a lesson with Teresa. It went well again. After that we went to see Brother Bailey and his gradkids. It was fun, as usual.

Sunday Kenny gave his farewell talk, and after church we had a munch and mingle. It was ssssooo good! So Sandra came to church for the first time in over 10 years! I’ve been working my whole time her to get her there, and it happened! I was so happy. She came with Teresa, and it was great.

Yesterday we had breakfast at the bishops, and dinner at a members house. It was a chill day.

Well, I’m moving! I dont want to say i told you so, but i did. haha. Im going to Enfield! ive heard a lot of great things about it, and elder wolf served there for 6 months and loved it, so it shoud be great!  I love you all!!!!!

APRIL 28, 2014

I have officially had the least amount of weekly emails on my mission! haha Thats okay, i guess that means i can send a short email…

So I am in Enfield with Elder Kopopen. He is from Finland and goes home in August. There are 2 other companionships here, one set of elders and one set of sisters. Our district consists of us three, and we are a really old district! All the elders have been out at least a year and a half, and the sisters have been out a year and the other is half way done at 9 months.

We have 2 main investigators right now, Linda and Jaime.

Linda is in her 30’s i think, and is a carer. She is on date for the 17th of may, so hopefully she will reach that goal. 

Jaime is 25 and He is on date for the 31 of May, which is my last saturday on my mission, so that would be so awesome. We watched the Restoration DVD with him, and he felt the spirit and wants to know the truth.

So far the ward is great. They feed us a lot, but unfortunately I woke up this morning and I think I have food poisening… when will I ever be 100% healthy?! haha.

Yes, its getting so hard to work. We try to fill our days with appointments, and it has worked well so far. I have written in my journal everyday for about a month, so one day you will be able to read it and get to know more about how I am feeling. I had a very very spiritual experience about 2 weeks ago, and it really has changed me a lot. The gospel is so true, and I know it. Love you!


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