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APRIL 22, 2014

Alright, so this week was good. 

On Tuesday we had an exchange, and I stayed in our area with Elder Martin. He’s from New Zealand and such an awesome dude. we worked hard and got some good stuff done!
The rest of the week was us finishing stopping by those less actives. On Friday we had Zone Conference, my last one! It was about the Fall.   I learned about some different ways to look at it. We learned that, especially for the fall, you have to understand the doctrine deeper to explain it simpler. I think i’ll be able to do that a lot better now!

On Thursday we went tto the Hyde Park chapel with Marcelo and watched a silent film called King of Kings and one of the senior missionaries played the organ to it. It was really cool! He played for 2 hours straight!!!!

On Saturday we played football, always fun, then we had a lesson with Teresa. It went well again. After that we went to see Brother Bailey and his gradkids. It was fun, as usual.

Sunday Kenny gave his farewell talk, and after church we had a munch and mingle. It was ssssooo good! So Sandra came to church for the first time in over 10 years! I’ve been working my whole time her to get her there, and it happened! I was so happy. She came with Teresa, and it was great.

Yesterday we had breakfast at the bishops, and dinner at a members house. It was a chill day.

Well, I’m moving! I dont want to say i told you so, but i did. haha. Im going to Enfield! ive heard a lot of great things about it, and elder wolf served there for 6 months and loved it, so it shoud be great!  I love you all!!!!!

APRIL 28, 2014

I have officially had the least amount of weekly emails on my mission! haha Thats okay, i guess that means i can send a short email…

So I am in Enfield with Elder Kopopen. He is from Finland and goes home in August. There are 2 other companionships here, one set of elders and one set of sisters. Our district consists of us three, and we are a really old district! All the elders have been out at least a year and a half, and the sisters have been out a year and the other is half way done at 9 months.

We have 2 main investigators right now, Linda and Jaime.

Linda is in her 30’s i think, and is a carer. She is on date for the 17th of may, so hopefully she will reach that goal. 

Jaime is 25 and He is on date for the 31 of May, which is my last saturday on my mission, so that would be so awesome. We watched the Restoration DVD with him, and he felt the spirit and wants to know the truth.

So far the ward is great. They feed us a lot, but unfortunately I woke up this morning and I think I have food poisening… when will I ever be 100% healthy?! haha.

Yes, its getting so hard to work. We try to fill our days with appointments, and it has worked well so far. I have written in my journal everyday for about a month, so one day you will be able to read it and get to know more about how I am feeling. I had a very very spiritual experience about 2 weeks ago, and it really has changed me a lot. The gospel is so true, and I know it. Love you!


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MARCH 3, 2014

This week was a lot better. We worked harder and smarter, so things happened and people were found and we were happy!
On Monday evening we went to see Caroline. We walked in and she was so sad. Once she finished getting the kids to bed, we started talking and she had just gotten back from visiting her sister in the hospital. She has breast cancer. Caroline was so sad and distraught and couldn’t really handle herself. We talked for a few minutes, and we couldn’t really find anything that really helped. I would open my scriptures, and then close them because I couldnt find anything. It was to the point where we literally were just waiting and saying prayers in our heads to help us find something to help her. She was talking and said that she felt like there was a dark cloud over her. Then, it happened. Elder Harding and I, at the same time, picked up our scriptures. With out looking at each other or saying anything, we both turned to D&C 121. We read the first 9 verses with her. It worked. The spirit filled the room, and as we read more scriptures from section 122 and 123, it just got stronger. Finally, I felt a very strong prompting to tell her something. I said something along the lines of “You just made a covenant with God almost a week ago. You promised to stand as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and in all places. You promised to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that need comforting. The members of the ward will do that for you, and you need to do that for your family. You are the rock of your family, the only one that knows the truth. They dont know that they can be with your sister again, but you do. You need to be the support. They need you more than ever now.” Those weren’t the exact words, but along those lines. It was incredible. Kenny, one of the black twins in the ward, then bore a powerful testimony. This lesson was one of the best I have been in, all because we listened and RELIED on the Spirit. By the time we left, she was smiling and super excited about her new scriptures that Mum got her. On tuesday afternoon, she called us from the hospital. Her sister passed away, leaving 4 boys behind. She told us about how after she had passed away, everyone was hysterical. She then said a prayer and everyone quieted down. After the prayer, they all were okay and asked about how she prayed like that. Later on, she talked to all the family members individually about the church. She is such a great example.

We got 2 new investigators this week! Tina is about 50 and we stopped her on the side walk after we knocked on a door of a referral. We talked to her about families, and she really liked what we believe. We will see her on tuesday.

Marcelo was a referral from the Ilford missionaries. He is from Sau Paulo and is so golden. He loves church and we will hopefully baptise him very soon.

We have loved serving with each other, Elder Harding and I. We are always laughing and smiling. This whole week we were freaking out because this transfer has been the fastest transfer of our missions. we hope to stay together next transfer, although that isn’t very likely because I will then be in Stratford for 7 1/2 months, but I would not mind that!

I love you all so much! Send me pictures!

Elder Leavitt


DSCN4879 “Caroline’s Baptism Day”

FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Caroline… got baptised! everything was great. I was honored to baptise her! It was really awesome. It was my very first time ever performing the baptismal ordinance. Caroline is amazing. She has such a strong testimony and is so sincere about everything she talks about in the gospel. She only wants to do what Heavenly Father wants her to do. She wants to badly to be married in the temple, and I pray she will one day. She deserves it. After she was baptised, she bore her testimony, and it was awesome. So amazing. This is all because Elder Rea and I were being obedient and humble in the work. I don’t know if I told you how we found her, but we were stopping by a less active, and he wasn’t home. So, we decided to tract starting from the end of the loooooong road we were on. When it came time to decide what side of the road to do, I saw the sun shining on the left side. It was really cold, so I said “lets do this side, it will be warmer.” This first door we knock on, Caroline opens the door and lets us in. That was about 2 months ago. Now, she is part of Christ’s church. What a miracle!

I love you all so much. I want you all to know how much of a love I have for my Saviour. I know with no doubt at all that he lives and died for me. I want to challenge you guys to say your morning and evening prayers privately and out loud. It will make so much of a difference. I love you all!!!!!!!!!


So this week was a usual moves week. Except the actual moves part, because the tube workers were on strike! Since there wasn’t very many tube trains running, everyone was using the buses and driving. The bus we take to Stratford Station usually takes 15-20 minutes to get there from our flat, but that moring it took a whole hour! It was crazy.

Tuesday night we went over to Caroline’s for dinner. She made us a 3 course meal, and it was SO much food! We had jalaf rice with beef, along with some soup, chicken, salad, and cake. It was really fun. At the end, Elder Rea bore his testimony to us all, mainly Caroline, and the spirit was so strong. She is doing great. She has been stressed about everything, but, after she talked to some members at church yesterday, she was fine. There was a child-of-record baptism after church that she stayed for, so that was great. Later in the day, I got a text from her asking me if I would be the one to baptize her. It really made me happy that she would trust me to do that, and really humbled me. I told her of course I would! She will have her baptismal interview tomorrow, and she should be able to be baptised on Saturday.

So I guess I’ll tell you about Elder Harding. He is from Pleasent Grove. He has been on his mission for 18 months, so it’s nice to have a companion that has a lot of experience. He knows his scriptures really well, something I lack in! I can tell you all about certain things, I can just never remember the reference! haha. He loves movies, and has been in a church movie about Joseph Smith, I forgot which one. He wants to be an actor, but he isn’t too sure about it. He loves the band Fun, so we have a lot fun singing their songs together. The whole time we have been together we have been quoting movies and having fun. We have also had some great talks about the gospel.

This week in correlation, Brother Watson, the ward mission leader, was talking to us all about being obedient. There are 4 new missionaries in the ward, 2 of them being fresh from the MTC. He told them about how ever since I got to Stratford, I have always done what he has asked me to do, and great things have happened. When he was talking about it, giving me praise for the good work that my companions and I have done, I really felt so happy. Since being in Stratford, I have really been working on being obedient. Obedient to the mission rules, the commandments, the Spirit, President Jordan, and to my other leaders. I have seen so many great things come from it. In the past, I would listen to the things that I was being told, but mostly just did what I thought was best. But, as I read dad’s emails every week, he ends them with saying “Humble and Obedient”, and I felt that I wasn’t doing my best in those departments. Now I am a lot more happy since trying to do better, and many great things have happened. I have A LOT to work on, but I’m excited for it. The gospel is so great, and as you ponder about the Atonement daily, you will see how big of an effect it has on your life. In reality, if it wasn’t for what Christ went through, we would be following the plan that Satan wanted to do. We wouldn’t be sad, mad, or get hurt. But, we would not know happiness, even the joy from being around people you love. In fact, there would be no love. Can you imagine? No love? It makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it. I love you all so much, and when life gets tough, just remember something that the Hyde Park Stake President, President Phillips, told us a couple weeks ago: “If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it.”

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Leavitt with twin brother's who are expecting their mission calls soon!

Elder Leavitt with twin brother’s who are expecting their mission calls soon!


Caroline is still amazing. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she was not too fond of giving up tea and coffee, but then all of a sudden she goes “well, God will help me.” It won’t be easy, but he will help me!” WOOOO!!!!!!! She is so golden. She came to church with her kids, and the most amazing thing that has ever happened on my mission happened. Her 6 year old son Abel got up to bear his testimony. All he said was “we are grateful for the missionaries that have taught us and we love them. Amen.” It was one of those moment that you know 100% that you are doing something right. I’m so blessed to be apart of bringing them into the gospel. I have never had such a love for someone before. It”s so different, I just smile the whole time I am around them.

Other than Caroline, no body else is doing to much. We had a hard time finding this week, we didn’t get any new investigators. It’s kind of dissapointing to end the transfer that way, but this last 6 weeks have been amazing. The last 12 have, ever since I got elder Killpack. He changed my life so much, then I got elder Rea and it just got better and better. He has helped me reach my potential as a servant of the Lord. We would not have the success we have had if it wasn’t for him. I have grown so much, along with my testimony. Any time I see/hear a young person bear their testimony, I tear up. It just makes me so happy to see someone so young have a love for the gospel, and that will bless so many people. I was watching the “Bloom Where You’re Planted” mormon message, and i just love it so much. Knowing that my little sister was apart of that and was able to touch the hearts of so many people just makes me so happy. I truly love this gospel so much. My heart is here in London, and I dont know if it will ever go anywhere else. I love you all!

PS – Im staying another 6 weeks! I will get Elder Harding from Utah, and the only thing that President told me he was worried about was that we might have too much fun haha. That means I will get to see Caroline be baptised! My first time i will ever get to see someone I found and taught be baptised.






JANUARY 1, 2014

So we started the new transfer on Boxing Day, Elder Rea and I are still together for 6 more weeks. It will be good, we are working well together. 
Today is P-day, and the office couple that leaves in 2 days that are in our ward took us to Five Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!! It was soooo delicious. 
The past week has been filled with a little bit of everything. No new investigators though. 
Richard is still doing well. We watched The Testaments with him on Monday and he really liked it. He thinks and ponders about the things that we teach him, and always has good questions. Most of them have to do with the Plan of Salvation. It’s so nice to have a companion like Elder Rea. His parents are divorced, and his mother is a non member, so he has seen both sides of life. He is able to answer questions with his testimony in a way that I can’t for that reason.  
We are teaching Melody, she is whos house we went to on Christmas, her husband in a member. She is basically a member. She knows its true.  We just have to wait to for a miracle to happen. 
Caroline is from Kenya and is a devout baptist. We had seen her 2 times before we saw her on Tuesday. That same day we had a training in Zone Meeting about baptismal invitations, and it really really helped. We invited her to be baptised on January 25th, so hopefully she is prepared by then. We are going to teach her with the Bishop and his wife tomorrow, so it should be good.
JANUARY 6, 2014
It was a gooood week this week. Let me see if i can remember any of it… haha
Caroline… she’s doing good. She REALLY wants to know everything and wants to know asap, so we are trying to teach slowly so she gets everything. The week before we had planned on teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but as we were talking about the lesson the night before, we decided to take a step back this week and watch the restoration dvd with her, and it was great. She understands why we are here as missionaries and she said that she would be baptised when she comes to know for herself.
Richard… is great. He came to church again and he met with the bishop and is really getting back to being great. We have seen so much change in him since the first time we saw him. We are so happy to see him and we love him.
This week we have great plans, plans to be successful, more than this past week. Ever since we have been together, Elder Rea and I have never had a week that was not as good as the last. It has always been better. Our goal this week is to teach 15 lessons. This past week we had 13. We are so excited to see what will happen this week. There’s also a Zone Conference on friday, so I’m so pumped for that. It always helps. Hey, they might even surprise us with iPads… Just a rumor going around 🙂
I love you all so much. I love the Lord so much. Have a great week!
Elder Chase Leavitt


JANUARY 13, 2014

The weather has been rainy/sunny all week. The past couple days has mostly been sunny. It’s really cold! We keep talking about going running in the morning, but its way to cold! My sweats that I have don’t have a string so they fall off if i run in them!

So Caroline is doing great! She told us last week that we wouldn’t be able to see her this week, so we got sad about that. Thursday we decided to just go stop by her house. We left a note and then later that night she invited us over for dinner on Friday! We had a really hard time finding a member to go with us, but we found one 30 minutes before the appointment. We went in planning to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but ended up talking about temples and family history. when we talked about what the purpose of the temple is for, she started tearing up and just was smiling so much! Then, out of nowhere, the member invited to take her and her 2 kids to the temple the next day!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?? She loved it and wants to go inside one day! Next week she plans of coming to church, so that will be our goal for her this week.

We didn’t get our goal of 15 lessons… we only got 6…. but we know we worked hard and we know what we need to do better, so this week will be brilliant. Elder Rea and I have both been sick all week, but not enough to keep us from working. Yes mum, it is my sinuses. Yes mum, I have medicine for it. haha.

Zone Conference was all about Lehi’s family. It was really good. President talked to us all about the culture of the mission, and how we need to change it. He also talked about being dilligent (again), and that was much needed do to our week of not too much success. I really just love him and Sister Jordan, so much.

Last p-day we played football against 6 other missionaries in the Ilford ward. So it was the Stratford Elders vs the Ilford Elders… we KILLED them 6-2. They were being really cocky and stuff, but we just stayed quiet and ended up winning. yay humility! haha.

Well, i love you all so much!




Christmas day was spent with a wonderful family in the ward that fed us a delicious turkey dinner. The traditional “English Crackers” were fun and we proudly word our crowns. 🙂
The best Christmas present though was letting Elder Rea and I use their computers so that we could “Skype” our families!  Image

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