President & Sister Walker spoiled us all one sunday afternoon.  They took us to some of the sites of Church History in England.  Sis. Walker is Pres. Hinckley’s daughter and so she was able to show us where he lived & preached.  Brother Walker has ancestors that were the first to join the church in England so he was able to share with us some stories & sites that were dear to him.  It was an AWESOME day!


This is the river where some of the first members of the church were baptized.

This is the apartments that the first missionaries of the church lived in.

Below is the square that President Hinckley taught from.  Pres. Hinckley was brought here by his companion and was told he was to preach from the square.  His reply:  “You have the wrong person, I can’t possibly talk to strangers.”  AND HE BECAME A PROPHET!!

This next picture is of the village of Downham.  The villages of Downham & Chatburn sent for Heber C. Kimball to come and teach them.  Downham looks much the same way as it did in the 1800’s.

Enjoying a beautiful day of church history.

The story of this bridge is that some of the first people to be baptized in England “ran” across this bridge to the baptismal site because they were so excited!


If you can read this it is very interesting.  It tells the names of the first people that were baptized near this spot in the River Ribble.  75,000 people joined the church in England and many of them migrated to the United States.  The Preston England Ward is the oldest ward in the church and is still established, holding meetings there every week since 1837.

This is in front of the apartment that Pres. Hinckley lived in when he served there.


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