This week was a pretty good week. Hermine is doing so good. She prayed at the last lesson we had with her and she asked to receive an answer to know if what we are teaching is true, and she is the first person I have EVER taught that has done that. She has such a strong faith and has a hard life, but she is pulling through. We will be seeing her a lot this week, so I’ll let you know some more next time.

Sergey is doing better also. We had a great lesson on the first half of the plan of salvation and he loved it. He usually disagrees with us in everything that we teach, but he loved it this time!

We are praying a lot for the zone and ourselves to get baptisms, and miracles are happening. I can”t wait to see the miracles that happen this week! I’ll tell you guys about one of the miracles that happened in the London North area this week: one of the sisters has a friend serving a mission in Columbia. The missionary in Columbia stopped and talked to a girl and it went very well. She asked to teach her more, but she didn’t live in Columbia, she was only there for holiday. The missionaries asked where she lived, and she said that she lives in a place in London called Muswell Hill, and that no one outside of London would know where that is. The missionary told her that she has a friend serving in London. The missionaries in Columbia got her details and sent them to the sisters in London North… who live in Muswell Hill…. isn’t that AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The gospel is true. I love you all!!!

Elder Leavitt

*****After stake conference we had some Mexican food with the BYU girls in our ward! The other Elder’s and I were joking with each other that all of our friends are in Mexico or in 3rd world countries and we are here being fed by cute girls. Ha ha!!!



I am at the office right now and we are waiting for some stuff, but I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for the prayers and everything. We went to Niketown just a few hours ago and I really wanted to get the new fleece tech sweater thing, and as I went around and saw all the stuff that I would love to have right now, but can’t. This morning I saw the pic of the rebel players that dad sent me and that led to me thinking about more stuff I can’t have/do at the moment, and to my surprise, I wasnt sad. I felt really happy, because all this stuff is nothing. It doesnt matter. I just can’t believe that I’m sacrificing all the stuff that I love for 2 years. The 18 year old and younger Chase would never have done that. It’s all thanks to you guys and obviously the Lord. Love you all!





                                                                     “OLYMPIC PARK”

OCTOBER 14, 2013

A little about Stratford….

Stratford ward is mainly Africans. There are 10 missionaries in the ward. The bishop is from Ghana, the ward mission leader is from Jamaica (cue everyone making jamaican jokes) and not many people are english. We have some Russians, Portuguese, and Indian members. We meet in Ilford, which I think has more Indian people than India itself! It constantly smells of curry there.(I love me some curry!) Most of the people in Stratford are from the middle east or Africa, and they are all Muslim or Christian. We walk everywhere because we talk to people as we walk instead of going to a busy place to talk to people.  We work in the southern part of the ward, mainly in a place called Plaistow. A cool thing about this area is our stake has people from 110 countries!   WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB plays right behind our house!  Olympic Park is here also.   I LOVE LONDON…IT HAS MY HEART!
This is a pic of me with Bro. Bowie.  We had an Elders Quorum ping-pong tourney & I lost to him!
A fox is in our garden!



Lisa is gonna be baptised! The Smiths are child minders, and Lisa’s twin daughters are some of the kids they look after. She loves the gospel so much. They all came to church on Sunday, and Lisa said that she wants to be baptised and confirmed. She is hilarious! One thing that she loved about church was the primary program. I loved it too! There is something about the voices of English children singing that brings the spirit so strongly. It made me tear up when they sang” Heavenly Father Loves Me”, and “Baptism”. So beautiful.

Image 2

So we didn’t see Emmanuel this week, he had to work. He is from Ghana and loves us coming to teach him. he loves the Book of Mormon and reads it and prays about it, so it’s going well. We hope for him to be baptised this month!

We started teaching a 24 year old named Karen. She saw the Book of Mormon musical and loved that the church sponsored pages in the playbill about actually reading the Book of Mormon! I think she will be good.

Well, I got a call from president Jordan last night… I’m moving back to London! My new area is Stratford, and I’ll be follow up training for the 4th time in a row. Stratford is where the Olympic park is! I’m so excited. My zone leader served there and said its awesome. I bet I will have some good stories to tell! Well, hopefully I am healthy tomorrow so I can start out being in Stratford with a bang. I love you all so much! I’ll send pics next week, I promise!

Love Elder Leavitt

Members from Kettering will be missed!

Members from Kettering will be missed!


Image 7

AUGUST 20, 2013

So this week was a good one! Our numbers werent super high, but we know we did a lot of good.

Matt got a job! We werent able to see him this week, but when he told us he got the job, its because he was reading everyday and praying every morning and night! this is what happens when we do what the Lord wants us to do. He is doing so well and I cant wait to see him this week. We will do our best to help him into the the font this transfer.

Janette, well she is so great! She is loving meeting with us and she loves the Book of Mormon so much, so much that she gave one to her friend! When we met with her we asked if she knew anyone that would be interested and she told us that one of her friends is and that she gave her the BoM. It was awesome. There was a baptism in Northampton on Saturday and we took Janette. On our way to picking her up, she asked if her friend could come! We said OF COURSE and her friend came, along with her 2 daughters! We will be teaching them this weekend! Talk about a miracle. I know that as we work better with more faith, they can gain that desire to follow Christ and be baptised.

Other than that, nothing to exciting. Actually, there is one thing… IM STAYING IN KETTERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it here. Elder Wilson is staying too, and thats fine with me. The only difference is that I will be the district leader. My district is the biggest in the mission with 5 companionships. I know all of them already, so im super duper excited!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the short email, but I think it was a good one! Love you all! send more pics and letters!


“Miracle line”

Image 8JULY 22, 2013

Soooooo as you can see from the title of this email we called the miracle line this week! TWICE! So these past 2 weeks have been a cray cray heat wave. I know that it was not like Vegas weather, but it was at one point 90 degrees WITH humidity! Add a long sleeve white shirt, tie, and trousers to that with a bunch of tracting, and you get SWEAT!!!!!!! Tuesday was the super hot day. We had 2 appointments scheduled in an area, and the first one hosed us. So, before we started to knock doors, we said a prayer, as we always do. Elder Wilson prayed and asked specifically that “we could get a step in to get out of the heat”. We knocked on the first door, and we had a step in with a young girl named Georgina. She was just being nice at first to let us in, but as we talked about prayer and the BoM and testified of it, she started to get really interested. We will see her today and we are excited about it! Here is the other one that President Jordan included in the weekly email to all the missionaries in the mission:

“Elder Leavitt and Elder Wilson stopped two men on the street in Kettering. The men were in a hurry, but the elders left them with pass-along cards. Later that day as the missionaries were doing some tracting they knocked on a door and one of the men answered. He recognized the missionaries and invited them in. The other man was also there along with his family. The Elders taught everyone and scheduled a follow-up appointment. They now have five new investigators. Of all the doors in Kettering, the Lord led them to the one they needed to knock, the one where a family, warmed by an earlier, brief contact, lives.”

Isnt that amazing! Except he forgot to mention that Elder Wilson literally stopped them in the middle of the street. I was like, what the heck??? haha but hey, it worked out.

The exciting part (besides the miracles) about this week, was when one of the AP’s called me and told me that I needed to be in London on Friday Morning, because I was going to be interviewed by the church media department about the Ad Campaign! So, we went and it turned out to be just the guy asking all of the missionaries that served in London at the time about different things, and we all discussed it. Then, they split up all the missionaries into 2 groups, one group that was 6 months out and over, the other group all those under 6 months. We talked about the different things that have changed since the new age change and how the young missionaries are doing. It was good.

I noticed this week how much I really miss all my family! Being with the Smiths a lot just reminds me of all the fun we have had, and also all the fighting haha. I love them so much, but not as much as all of you!

Elder Leavitt
Image 5


JUNE 15, 2013

It was a wonderful day for all as Elder Leavitt & Elder Allred had a baptism for Carolyn. She was baptized by her husband, Noah. What a beautiful family!DSC00080

A beautiful  day for Carolyn.  She was baptized by her husband Noah.

A beautiful day for Carolyn. She was baptized by her husband Noah.