JANUARY 1, 2014

So we started the new transfer on Boxing Day, Elder Rea and I are still together for 6 more weeks. It will be good, we are working well together. 
Today is P-day, and the office couple that leaves in 2 days that are in our ward took us to Five Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!! It was soooo delicious. 
The past week has been filled with a little bit of everything. No new investigators though. 
Richard is still doing well. We watched The Testaments with him on Monday and he really liked it. He thinks and ponders about the things that we teach him, and always has good questions. Most of them have to do with the Plan of Salvation. It’s so nice to have a companion like Elder Rea. His parents are divorced, and his mother is a non member, so he has seen both sides of life. He is able to answer questions with his testimony in a way that I can’t for that reason.  
We are teaching Melody, she is whos house we went to on Christmas, her husband in a member. She is basically a member. She knows its true.  We just have to wait to for a miracle to happen. 
Caroline is from Kenya and is a devout baptist. We had seen her 2 times before we saw her on Tuesday. That same day we had a training in Zone Meeting about baptismal invitations, and it really really helped. We invited her to be baptised on January 25th, so hopefully she is prepared by then. We are going to teach her with the Bishop and his wife tomorrow, so it should be good.
JANUARY 6, 2014
It was a gooood week this week. Let me see if i can remember any of it… haha
Caroline… she’s doing good. She REALLY wants to know everything and wants to know asap, so we are trying to teach slowly so she gets everything. The week before we had planned on teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but as we were talking about the lesson the night before, we decided to take a step back this week and watch the restoration dvd with her, and it was great. She understands why we are here as missionaries and she said that she would be baptised when she comes to know for herself.
Richard… is great. He came to church again and he met with the bishop and is really getting back to being great. We have seen so much change in him since the first time we saw him. We are so happy to see him and we love him.
This week we have great plans, plans to be successful, more than this past week. Ever since we have been together, Elder Rea and I have never had a week that was not as good as the last. It has always been better. Our goal this week is to teach 15 lessons. This past week we had 13. We are so excited to see what will happen this week. There’s also a Zone Conference on friday, so I’m so pumped for that. It always helps. Hey, they might even surprise us with iPads… Just a rumor going around 🙂
I love you all so much. I love the Lord so much. Have a great week!
Elder Chase Leavitt


JANUARY 13, 2014

The weather has been rainy/sunny all week. The past couple days has mostly been sunny. It’s really cold! We keep talking about going running in the morning, but its way to cold! My sweats that I have don’t have a string so they fall off if i run in them!

So Caroline is doing great! She told us last week that we wouldn’t be able to see her this week, so we got sad about that. Thursday we decided to just go stop by her house. We left a note and then later that night she invited us over for dinner on Friday! We had a really hard time finding a member to go with us, but we found one 30 minutes before the appointment. We went in planning to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but ended up talking about temples and family history. when we talked about what the purpose of the temple is for, she started tearing up and just was smiling so much! Then, out of nowhere, the member invited to take her and her 2 kids to the temple the next day!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?? She loved it and wants to go inside one day! Next week she plans of coming to church, so that will be our goal for her this week.

We didn’t get our goal of 15 lessons… we only got 6…. but we know we worked hard and we know what we need to do better, so this week will be brilliant. Elder Rea and I have both been sick all week, but not enough to keep us from working. Yes mum, it is my sinuses. Yes mum, I have medicine for it. haha.

Zone Conference was all about Lehi’s family. It was really good. President talked to us all about the culture of the mission, and how we need to change it. He also talked about being dilligent (again), and that was much needed do to our week of not too much success. I really just love him and Sister Jordan, so much.

Last p-day we played football against 6 other missionaries in the Ilford ward. So it was the Stratford Elders vs the Ilford Elders… we KILLED them 6-2. They were being really cocky and stuff, but we just stayed quiet and ended up winning. yay humility! haha.

Well, i love you all so much!


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