This week was a pretty good week. Hermine is doing so good. She prayed at the last lesson we had with her and she asked to receive an answer to know if what we are teaching is true, and she is the first person I have EVER taught that has done that. She has such a strong faith and has a hard life, but she is pulling through. We will be seeing her a lot this week, so I’ll let you know some more next time.

Sergey is doing better also. We had a great lesson on the first half of the plan of salvation and he loved it. He usually disagrees with us in everything that we teach, but he loved it this time!

We are praying a lot for the zone and ourselves to get baptisms, and miracles are happening. I can”t wait to see the miracles that happen this week! I’ll tell you guys about one of the miracles that happened in the London North area this week: one of the sisters has a friend serving a mission in Columbia. The missionary in Columbia stopped and talked to a girl and it went very well. She asked to teach her more, but she didn’t live in Columbia, she was only there for holiday. The missionaries asked where she lived, and she said that she lives in a place in London called Muswell Hill, and that no one outside of London would know where that is. The missionary told her that she has a friend serving in London. The missionaries in Columbia got her details and sent them to the sisters in London North… who live in Muswell Hill…. isn’t that AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The gospel is true. I love you all!!!

Elder Leavitt

*****After stake conference we had some Mexican food with the BYU girls in our ward! The other Elder’s and I were joking with each other that all of our friends are in Mexico or in 3rd world countries and we are here being fed by cute girls. Ha ha!!!


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