“Miracle line”

Image 8JULY 22, 2013

Soooooo as you can see from the title of this email we called the miracle line this week! TWICE! So these past 2 weeks have been a cray cray heat wave. I know that it was not like Vegas weather, but it was at one point 90 degrees WITH humidity! Add a long sleeve white shirt, tie, and trousers to that with a bunch of tracting, and you get SWEAT!!!!!!! Tuesday was the super hot day. We had 2 appointments scheduled in an area, and the first one hosed us. So, before we started to knock doors, we said a prayer, as we always do. Elder Wilson prayed and asked specifically that “we could get a step in to get out of the heat”. We knocked on the first door, and we had a step in with a young girl named Georgina. She was just being nice at first to let us in, but as we talked about prayer and the BoM and testified of it, she started to get really interested. We will see her today and we are excited about it! Here is the other one that President Jordan included in the weekly email to all the missionaries in the mission:

“Elder Leavitt and Elder Wilson stopped two men on the street in Kettering. The men were in a hurry, but the elders left them with pass-along cards. Later that day as the missionaries were doing some tracting they knocked on a door and one of the men answered. He recognized the missionaries and invited them in. The other man was also there along with his family. The Elders taught everyone and scheduled a follow-up appointment. They now have five new investigators. Of all the doors in Kettering, the Lord led them to the one they needed to knock, the one where a family, warmed by an earlier, brief contact, lives.”

Isnt that amazing! Except he forgot to mention that Elder Wilson literally stopped them in the middle of the street. I was like, what the heck??? haha but hey, it worked out.

The exciting part (besides the miracles) about this week, was when one of the AP’s called me and told me that I needed to be in London on Friday Morning, because I was going to be interviewed by the church media department about the Ad Campaign! So, we went and it turned out to be just the guy asking all of the missionaries that served in London at the time about different things, and we all discussed it. Then, they split up all the missionaries into 2 groups, one group that was 6 months out and over, the other group all those under 6 months. We talked about the different things that have changed since the new age change and how the young missionaries are doing. It was good.

I noticed this week how much I really miss all my family! Being with the Smiths a lot just reminds me of all the fun we have had, and also all the fighting haha. I love them so much, but not as much as all of you!

Elder Leavitt
Image 5


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