JUNE 10, 2013
So on Saturday night we got a call from the Zone Leaders and they told us to reschedule all appointments that we planned for P-day, because we might have to go to London on P-day. Sunday they called again to tell us why. Elder M. Russel Ballard was in Stockholm and was waiting on a Visa to go to Russia, and if he didnt get it, he would come talk to us! So, we had to be at the train station this morning at 9:30 and had to wait for a call to tell us whether to get a train to London or not. We got the call and headed to London! It was the first time ever that the whole England London Mission has ever been together at the same time in the same place. Also, after we heard from Elder Ballard, the London South mission were going to hear from him! So, we heard from Elder Ballard and it was amazing. Here are some of my notes:

-He told us that President Jordan is held at such high esteem by the First Presidency and the 12, that he has had many difficult assignments given to him, not only with church callings, but in his law practice as well.
-He started his mission in 1948 in the England London Mission.
-We dont know what the Lord knows us as, We dont know what the Lord see’s us as we can be.
-We should always have the “firey witness of the gospel” in us all the time.
-We need to turn the work over to the Lord.
-By the power of the spirit, we will make a much bigger impression of ourselves.
-We are instruments that the Holy Ghost uses to teach God’s children.
-We have to be the best gospel teachers the world has EVER had.
-We need to INTERNALISE the lessons we teach, not memorise.
-Have the confidence to teach the gospel to anyone by the power of the Holy ghost.
-We radiate through our countenance the Power of God.
-“Of all things an Apostle is, is a missionary”-Elder Ballard
-I as a missionary am entitled to the same revelation as an Apostle because we are doing the same calling.
-Have and Be guided by the Spirit
-Never underestimate being a servant to the Lord. Dont try to work without calling down the powers of Heaven every single day.
-Turn over my mission to Heavenly Father. No time wasted.

Well, it was so amazing to hear from him. After he was done with that, he invited the London South Mission in and talked some more. My favorite part was when all of us sang Called to Serve. Imagine being in a room filled with the Spirit and then hearing over 500 missionaries sing that. I couldnt help but cry. I couldnt stop thinking “I wish Mom could hear this..”
I love you all so much and miss you so much. I know with out a shadow of a doubt that this church is true and that God lives.

Elder Leavitt


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