Book of Mormon Campaign

Book of Mormon Campaign

APRIL 16, 2013
So! We taught Mikko on Thursday and Monday. Thursday was when I was with Elder Baker. We went with President Jordan and taught the last half of the Plan of Salvation (death, spirit world, reserection, judgement, kingdoms. just look at Preach my Gospel chapter 3 lesson 2 haha). It went so well, and Mikko will be preparing to be baptised on June 1st! Anyways, I’m so excited about that! Monday Elder Park and I taught him the Restoration and it went well. Mikko said both the opening and closing prayers, that has never ever happened with anyone i have ever taught! We refer to Mikko as a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR *angels singing aahh* haha.

We had a training from Elder Allen. He is the head of the Missionary Department. We also heard from the head of the advertising or something… it was great. They talked about and how to use it. Elder Allen called us all to repentance because we haven’t spent at least 2-3 hours a week on it! It was the biggest tooL in missionary work right now! So make a profile ASAP!!!!!!!!! They also told us that around July-August every missionary will be using some sort of social media as finding and helping missionary work around the world… crazy!

So the big news that everyone is wanting to hear is what the new transfer for me will be. Well, I’ll be follow up training Elder Miller from Salem Utah. He has been out 2 transfers. I’m also the new District Leader in the London North district. President called me before moves calls and told me. He asked if I was ready to step up my game, and I told him yes. So I will be working hard and being the best I can be! Really, all I want to do is be a good example to other missionaries. I hope i can do that.

APRIL 22, 2013
We saw a lot of members and less actives this week, so that was some good times. They are so good and all coming to church, so we want to keep that up!

So since I’ve been made senior companion and district leader, I have felt so good. The spirit has been stronger with me and I’m teaching so differently. I haven’t changed anything, its just so great. The only way I know it is happening is because I’m relying on Heavenly Father and my prayers with him are so personal. Its been good feeling the way I have been. I love you so much and cant wait to talk to you all!

Elder Leavitt

APRIL 29, 2013
So this week was a good week. Monday we went to St Pauls cathedral and it was so awesome! I’ll send pics next week.

Tuesday we taught Mikko with President Jordan and it went great as usual. He is so ready for baptism, but his schedule keeps him from being able to go to church so thats why we have to wait to baptize. He and President Jordan are like BFFs and president invited him to go and meet an author of some church books that Mikko has read!

After that lesson we saw Doris. She is great. We were gonna teach the restoration but during the opening prayer I felt inspired to teach The gospel of Jesus Christ. IT went so well, and she asked us to be baptized!

Other than those two lessons, nothing to exciting happened. I had a work over with Elder Grasser! He’s my zone leader. It was good to be with him again.

So as a DL I have to do the baptismal interviews in our district. I had one on sunday and it went great. It was so cool and humbling to have that job in the church. Only bishops do that! I love being a DL and I think I’m doing great. It’s always been easy for me to help others, which helps me a lot. Ive been ssssooo blessed.

I love you!

ELder Leavitt

MAY 6, 2013

So, this week was RUBBISH!!! We did a lot of finding, but not a lot of success. The reason we didn’t have a better week was because we had bad mindsets. We had a bad beginning to the week and that made us upset for the rest. I hadnt been feeling the spirit very well all week, so i fasted this Sunday for that and to be more obedient. I’ve been doing so well with obedience, but i need to do better. During sacrament I repented for not doing my best, and really felt the power of the atonement and Heavenly Father let me know that he forgave me. I promised him I would do better not this week, but for the rest of my life. So keep me motivated!!! I also called president and apologized. I feel a lot better now.

So mikko is well. He is still on date, but hasn’t been to church yet! He was gonna come yesterday, but he and his wife went to their super posh house in Finland instead… but, he is doing so well spiritually, he just needs to understand the importance of church. Other than that, hes still golden!

We have been seeing Donna, who was found about 6 months ago but hasn’t been progressing. We had 2 amazing lessons with her, and she accepted a baptismal date for the 30th of June! She know’s that it’s the right thing to do and just wants to do what God wants her to do.

My district is so amazing. They are all so good and make my job so much easier.

So today is 11 months exactly since I flew off to England! And i love it. I’m doing exactly what I need to do here, and I can feel the blessings from it. I feel all your prayers and I love you SO much!


Elder Chase

PS the pics are way cool! We were running this morning (ya i go running haha!) and we found a ROPE SWING!!!!!! The best part is that we live in a super posh area and there’s this forest park thingy and it’s so cool because you dont even know youre in London, I love it. Image 5Image 11Image 10

MAY 28,2013

Mum- The weather recently is rain rain rain! It’s not too bad, I’m used to it. I don’t even use an umbrella. Yes, we are having a wonderful winter this summer! haha see what i did there???? No i dont cry myself to sleep… at least not every night… haha.
So this week was a good one. All week I was so worried about how our numbers would look, but when we added them all up on Sunday, it was a lot better than i thought! The only thing was that we got 3 potential appointments, and thats sssooo bad! But, every single lesson we had, whether it was with an investigator, less active, recent convert, or member, they were all very very good!

Mikko came to church! he really liked it. We taught him about the Sabbath day this week and it was very good. He always calls us his favourite missionaries haha its so awesome. But, its also sad, which i’ll explain at the end of the email. He hopefully will be baptised the 16th or the 23rd.

Donna is doing SO GOOD! She is understanding everything, keeping commitments, and we had a lesson with her at a members home and now she has friends!!!! She is still on date for the 30th.

So our district has 5 baptisms planned throughout the month! there will be at least 2 on the 16th, at least 2 on the 23rd, and at least 1 on the 30th! So the ward will be GROWING!!!!

I’m doing very well, really enjoying this area but……

Well, here is the sad news… President Jordan called me last night and told me that I will be moving to Kettering in Northhampton Zone and training an Elder named Elder Allred. He is from St. George. Im excited to train and start over in a new area, but I’m so sad I won’t get to baptize or even see Mikko, Donna, and Doris get baptized. Kettering is like, 80 miles away from London… but hey, as long as they get in that water, I will be happy. I know that I have no baptism stickers on the chart yet, but I’m starting to be fine with maybe being a missionary that doesn’t baptize. I love being the one that helps them progress though, it’s the greatest. I’m fine if I don’t have any baptisms while here, I just want to do whatever Heavenly Father has planned for me.

I love you guys!

Love, Chase


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