MARCH 12, 2013

Well, last night I got called to move to London North!  That area is where Arsenal Football Club’s stadium is!  I might have to get an Arsenal jersey while I’m there, but I’m still all about Chelsea!  I will be with Elder Parker from South Korea!  This is his last transfer, so I will be “killing” him!  I have met him before and I am excited to work with him and am really excited to get to a new area and work!!!

This transfer I am going to be more obedient in the little things, and I know that when I do those things, I will be blessed.  I know the gospel is true with all my heart.  I love you all so much!

MARCH 19, 2013

So, leaving Gravesend: sad but great! Monday night we went to the Warners house and I loved being there, its just like being with my sisters! Tuesday I said bye to the Browns and then we spent the day with the youth! It was fun, we played football and sang songs and it was great.  I’m very happy to be in London North!
So our area covers Kings Cross, a little of Tottenham, and the rest of the area are names no one would notice. Look it up on the church website! The members here are seriously the GREATEST! half of them are American!  More than half of the stake is American actually!  Everyone is so nice. Oh, and there are even LEAVITT’s in the ward!  They have lived here for 50 years and are from Canada.  Also, one of the members served a mission in Leeds when Dixie Leavitt was Mission President!  He visited Utah in 1988 and Dixie took him to the Family Reunion in Vegas!  Hah!   His name is Kofi.  Oh, and one of the families here has family in Vegas. Their niece is staying with them, and it just happens to be Hailey Nelson in the Lakes Ward!  I had a couple classes with her in High School!  haha but she goes to the YSA ward.  also, 4 girls from BYU go to our ward and one knows Justin Hales.  Small world!!!
This week we did finding, finding, and more finding. We have 4 investigators, but they are all on holiday! We got 2 more new ones this week.  One of them is a 52(!!!!!!!!!!) year old woman and we will teach her and her daughter and daughter in law! woo!!!
I gave a talk (yes, ANOTHER unexpected one!) in sacrament meeting.  I spoke about fear, and how many times we are told in the scriptures to never fear. I used the scripture Dixon told me about, D&C 6:36. I think I did well and am happy about it.   Ever since i got here, I’ve noticed that my prayers are more sincere, along with my testimony.  I’m so happy/excited to be here.  We will baptize here, i know it.  I love you all!
Elder Leavitt
MARCH 25, 2013
Mom- Elder Park hasn’t made any korean food yet haha.  All we eat are sandwiches, cereal, toast, and sweets.  Yes, breakfast bombs were so great!  The money in the pic are actual coins that we use.  But, I’ve been trying forever to find all of them to make a shield!  And I finally found it. I have about £15 in coins that I have collected with limited edition things on them, some are from the Olympics.

Dad- that is our backyard.  We live in a house converted into 2 flats.  Ours is the bottom floor. Sad to hear about the rebs… but now I don’t have to worry about them haha thanks for the updates!
Yes, I love London north! Yes, I love Elder Park! We are doing great. In everyway.  No complaints, besides the fact that I’m freezing from the weather.  I haven’t seen the sun in what seems like years!!!!!!!
So we saw a lot of people this week. We met with Doris this week.   She is so so sooooo solid and  will be baptized, i know it. She came to church all 3 hours and LOVED it. The only problem with Doris is that shes African so she has no sense of time and the last 2 appointments we showed up and she wasn’t home… haha but hey we will deal with that.
We saw a girl named Donna on Saturday and she is way cool.  The last time she met with the missionaries was 3-4 weeks ago and they talked about smoking and she said she didn’t want to stop. So, when we asked her about it she said 2 days after meeting she quit and hasn’t smoked since… CRAY! such a miracle. She told us all about how ever since she has started praying every day, her life has gotten so much better.  After she told us about that, she told us that she wants to be baptized.  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!  She has a little while to go before she should be baptized, hopefully in May or April.
Now for the best part of the week, Mikko. Mikko is in his 50’s or 60’s and he his a Professor of Economics.  Yea, super super smart and posh. He started reading the Book of Mormon in November so he could write a paper on how it talks about economics in it. He’s now on his second go reading it.  Along with the BoM, he is reading Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage…. cray!  Oh, and he has the 4 volume set of the Doctrinal Commentary of the Book of Mormon. WHAT THE HECK!  He is so amazing.  When the missionaries go there, we just answer questions.  This time he asked “how does the atonement cover the people that have died before christ and the ones that weren’t baptised” and let me tell you, NO investigator has ever asked that.  Ever.  And to be honest, I cant even remember what I answered.  He understood me and accepted it, but that is proof that God puts the words into our mouths.  After I said the answer, in my head I was like, WOAH!  I don’t know how I did that!  I’m ssssssooooo blessed to be able to be a mouth piece of the Lord.  Later I asked him if he believed the BoM is true.  After a long explination that only professors would say, he said that he does believe its true.  I then asked how.  He said because of the spirit that he feels when he reads it.  I then explained how after baptism, we can have the gift of the Holy Ghost and always feel that way, and I invited him to be baptized. He said yes.  But, he has to talk to his family and make sure they support him first. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH he is so good.  The next time we see him will be April 3rd and we will bring President Jordan with us to teach him.
I know so much that I’m exaclty where I need to be. I have grown so much since serving the Lord and love every second of it, even if i can’t feel my ears outside.  I love you all so much!
Love, Yase




Keeping the Leavitt tradition of making "Breakfast Bombs".

Keeping the Leavitt tradition of making “Breakfast Bombs.”  Chase’s dad learned how to make them on his mission.


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    He sounds so great! Funny that he’d make connections with home so far away. We had a package hand delivered from Price through a man in the Meadows Stake that had been living in Xalapa for the past few months. So fun!



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