JANUARY 22, 2013

Well, we had the best week since I have been here in Gravesend!  We taught Andrea twice, Joe one time, and they were both good lessons.  Andrea understands very well and she is reading everything so that is great.

We had a lot of our time spent with Steve this week and he is doing so good!  He’s blessed the sacrament the last two weeks and always wants to be with us and talk and learn about things!  He’s so awesome.  His girlfriend Sian is thinking of a baptisimal date right now….and we haven’t even taught her any lessons yet!  She turns 18 on thursday and then we will start teaching her.  She has been coming to church every sunday for like 8 months.  She is also in the lessons when Steve was getting taught.  Our goal for this transfer is to get her baptized!  Wooo!

Everything else is going great.  The mission goal for 2013 is 500 baptisms.  President Jordan told us last week that the whole mission has done SO well this month.  In fact, our district has TRIPLED the numbers from last transfer!

We had interviews last week with President Jordan.  He told me that I still had work to do in Gravesend with Elder Wolf and I’m so happy that I am staying!!  He told me that this transfer I need to prepare to be a senior companion and that in a couple of transfers I will need to be prepared to train…scary!  I feel like I am fine with everything except teaching, so that’s what I am working most on.  We had a great interview.  I asked him about some stuff that I have been worried about a lot this transfer and he helped me so much.  I love him!

Oh, Bro. Humphries had all of his treatments done.  The tumor shrunk!!  What a miracle!  And because it shrunk they are giving him the rest of the treatments he needs and the funding.  The power of fasting is so amazing!!

I love you all!   Elder Leavitt


So this week has been great.  We taught a new investigator.  Her name is Shola.  She is a Born Again from Nigeria.  First we talked with her on the street and then when we met with her at her flat she told us that the main reason she gave us her number and address was because she could tell that we are real Christians and that our faces were beaming and glowing. She said that she felt really good about us!  That’s because we are being watched over by Heavenly Father and working hard.

Sian is doing great!  She has had a confirmation that everything is true.  She has set a date for March 2nd to be baptized!  She was nervous about telling her parents.  I felt prompted to tell her that when she tells them that they will be fine and everything will work out.  She then said “even if they try to mess it up I will still be baptized and that’s all that matters.”  AAAAHHHH!  She’s what we like to call a GOLDEN investigator.  Well…..she told her parents and they were both fine and said they would like to come to the baptism!  That shows that we must always follow the promptings we have, even if they are scary at first.

So you can obviously tell that I am on top of the world!  Everything is going great.

February 11, 2013

An update on Sian….She is doing great as usual.  She went to the temple visitors center and the temple book store and got her baptismal dress.  Steve got her scriptures for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and she is so funny because she opens it so slowly and turns the pages so carefully because she doesn’t want to hurt them!

Elder Wolf and I are doing great.  We love working together.  The other day he told me that I was officially his favorite companion.  He’s definitely mine so far!  I love you all!

Elder LeavittImage 44


3 thoughts on ““ON TOP OF THE WORLD’

  1. Casey Stevenson

    My name is Casey Stevenson and i live in Idaho i am a senior in high school and this last week i was called to the London England mission. I report June 27th to the London MTC. I am super excited to serve this mission and through this blog it has helped me and will continue to help me see what the mission is like in this area. So thank you for the updates about the pictures of what i should expect Elder Leavitt looks like i great hard working missionary and I hope that i will get to meet him on my mission.

    1. cdlfive Post author

      Wow! How excited our family was to get this message from you! Congratulations on your call. You will LOVE the England MTC. It is in a beautiful area right next to the temple and so much church history. I will forward this message to Chase (Elder Leavitt), it will make his day!

  2. Daniel Wolf

    Tonight I was interested in my old companion’s blog to see how he is talking about his mission so far… I love him so much! Elder Leavitt is a good guy…and I truly enjoyed serving with him! His family can be proud of him!
    Best greetings from Germany!
    Daniel Wolf


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