NOVEMBER 19, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

So this week was a good one!  Mom, yes, I got my packages!  Thanks so much!  My favorite part are the Reeses Mini’s!  Man, they are Heavenly!  Dad, I’m excited to get your letter!  My secret to losing weight is being a missionary and not eating fast food.  Haha!  We will be having Thanksgiving at the Browns.  I’m really excited for that!  They make such good food.  The meat in England is rubbish, but luckily they go to Costco every week and get American meat!  AMERICA!!!! Yes, I will be able to Skype on Christmas!  This transfer ends in about 3 weeks, so I dont know if I’ll be in Gravesend for Christmas or not.  Dixon, Doctrine and Covenants 6 is amazing!  I get frustrated though because I’m almost done reading the Book of Mormon, then after that I’m going to try and read it in 59 days (that’s how long it took to translate it) but I also want and need to read all of D&C and the Bible!  AHHHHH!

Thursday we taught some English and had a dinner appointment with the Humphrey’s.  It was good and we had a great time there.  Brother Humphrey is the one I told you about earlier.  He is the first counselor in the Bishopric and he has a tumor in his brain.  The ward had a special fast and prayer for him and he was blessed with a miracle!  He was able to get the money he needs for the treatments and was also cleared for other treatments that he was told he wouldn’t be able to get.  What a miracle!  Speaking of miracles, we had one on friday that President Jordan included in his weekly email to the entire mission.  Here is what he said:

Sister’s and Elders,

“What a wonderful week we had together in conference with Elder and Sis. Teixeira!  Among the many pieces of good counsel we received was his reminder to be always finding.  I loved Sis. Teixeira’s personal experience of having been first contacted by missionaries on a p-day.  Our miracle this week is an example of the blessings of always finding and talking with everyone.  It comes from Elders Young and Leavitt in Gravesend.  Elder Young had some banking issues he needed to sort out.  When his turn at the teller’s window came, he took the opportunity to mention that he and his companion were missionaries for the Church and what their purpose was.  It was only a brief conversation in a queue while they took care of their business.  That evening, the Elders were at a bus stop and had a few minutes before their bus arrived.  As diligent missionaries do, they decided to knock on a few doors while they were waiting.  Elder Leavitt suggested the side of the street where they should begin.  At the second door, a woman answered.  It was the teller from the bank!  She was understandably surprised to see the missionaries she had met that day standing on her doorstep.  While she described herself as not religious, she accepted a restoration pamphlet and invited the missionaries to drop by the bank again.  It’s a beginning.”

Isn’t that amazing?!?!?  The girl put the pamphlet and our card in the staff lounge!  We will probably go by wednesday to see if anybody has an interest.

Well, I love you all so much.  I will be thinking about you guys alot on thursday (Thanksgiving).  Eat alot for me!

Love, Elder Leavitt


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