September 11, 2012

So this past week was crazy.  On tuesday we had a really good lesson with Dulce about tithing.  She wants to pay it, but she knows she has to be baptized first.  We asked her what she thinks about being baptized and she said she’s not ready.  We asked why, and she said she doesn’t want to quit smoking and that’s all!  So we prayed what to do with her and we decided to teach her about the atonement, so that’s what we will teach her this week.  During our visit, our phone kept ringing and when we were done teaching we got another call and it was our zone leaders.  They asked how fast we could get to Norwich and we said we would get on the next bus.  So then they told us we were going to have a work over until the end of the transfer and that Elder Grasser would be going to Norwich and Elder Baker (Zone Leader) would come to Kings Lynn.  It turned out that the Zone Leader’s driver’s license had expired…A WHOLE YEAR AGO!  So they needed Elder Grasser to go there cuz he has a license…ha, ha, ha.  We ended up switching back Thursday.

So Tuesday night after elder Baker and I got back from Norwich.  We went and taught Albert the first half of Lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation).  It was so spiritual in the room, even though the land lord was in the room smoking.  (He doesn’t speak English.)  I got to teach Albert about the atonement and I had never taught so well since I came out.  Albert really understood everything so well and I asked him how he felt.  He described the Holy Ghost perfectly and I told him that it was the Holy Ghost.  We then talked about how he can alwaysa have that feeling after his baptism, and he got really excited, afterwards as I was telling Elder Baker how great the lesson was and how strong the spirit was, he said; “imagine how it would have felt if we were in a spiritual environment.”  I thought about that and really want that to happen.  So when Elder Grasser and I taught him on Sunday, we set up our next appointment with him to be taught at the chapel and I’m super excited!

Wednesday Elder Baker and I helped a recent convert put a wardrobe (closet) together, then we went to teach a family in the ward.  We taught about the restoration and it went super well.  Brother Mitchell wants us to keep coming and teaching all of the lessons to them so the kids can learn them from the missionaries.  I’m really excited about that as well!

Thursday we had a Zone Meeting and I loved it!  We then switched back to our right companionships and went back to Kings Lynn.  When we got back, Elder Grasser was really sick so we just went to the flat.

Friday we stayed in the flat all day because he was sick.  Saturday was the same, but around 1 o’clock President Jordan called.  I answered it and he asked what we were up to, and I said we were at the flat.  He then said, “good, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”  I said alright, sounds great, then hung up and we ran around the flat picking things up and getting dressed.  Then President Jordan came…..along with his wife and the Stake President.  We talked with them about member work and our investigators, then we gave Elder Grasser a blessing.  I really love President Jordan and loved the surprise!

Well, that was my week, crazy, right?  I love you all and loved getting emails from everyone of my siblings!!!

Love, Chase


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