September 18, 2012


SO we got move calls this morning! I will be LEAVING Kings Lynn and transfering to Graves End in the Canterbury Zone and my companion will be Elder Young from Wales! I leave tomorrow! Kings Lynn is the most Northern Area in the mission and Graves end is in the most Southern zone in the mission! I’m sad to be leaving Kings Lynn. But, its ok, the Lord needs me in Graves End so I will go and do! I’ll tell everyone my address next week when i know it.
Mom- i cant believe my room is a sewing room now… 3 months ago i was laying in my amazing bed and now you are sewing in there!  I love my G2 packets, please put them in every package! I’m saving the mac and cheese. Graves End isn’t by any American base. Yes its getting colder, no I dont eat all those fruits, no I haven’t taken all my juice plus. Ha, ha,  I PROMISE I will start this transfer!! I have no clue exactly how much weight I’ve lost, but soon I’ll have to get some new pants because they all are starting to look super baggy. Yay!
This past week was fabulous. We met with Albert twice and we read and talked about Lehi’s Dream. He has a portuguese and english Book of Mormon so he can understand it. He related the dream to his life before we even told him that was what we were gonna do haha. He is so amazing and the spirit is so strong with him. I feel he will be ready for his baptismal date, but I’m sad I won’t be able to attend. I’m so happy I was able to help him and it makes me want to work even harder to find those people that are ready to hear me.
We met with Kate and we talked about the Holy Ghost and Baptism. It was so great. She told us that she would be baptized tomorrow if it wasnt for her partner. He is fine with her meeting with us and going to church, but she said that he’s not very happy with the whole baptism thing. I know everything will work out with her.
This week we got to meet with Dulce and her Partner, Renato. We changed our plans when we got there to teach the Plan of Salvation. we taught the first half of it and it was SO good. He asked great questions and loved what we covered so far. Dulce also helped answer some of his questions, so thats great also. They will be baptized soon!
So Dixon’s email talked about following the promptings of the spirit. Last night we were just getting to the door of our flat and I told elder grasser “lets go walk through town first”. so we went. When we turned the corner into town, I saw a guy walking towards us that was about 20. I stopped him and we had a great conversation and we got an appointment with him for friday. We didnt talk to anyone else in town, and i knew that the spirit led me to his path. I’ve been trying so hard to go along with the promptings I get and to recognize them. I know that if I stay being the missionary I’m supposed to be that I will be able to have these kinds of experiences everyday!  Same with all of you!
Sorry for the short email, i have to get some stuff done before I leave tomorrow! I love you all so much!!!
                             Thames View Court
                             High Street
                             DA11 0AP

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