Well, obviously you didn’t get an email from me yesterday! So yesterday was a regular working day because we had move calls, so p-day is today so those that got moved can pack. Elder Grasser and I are staying in King’s Lynn, no surprise. I’m glad I didn’t move! It would’ve been cool to get moved to an area in London, but thats ok.

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Im sending home all the shirts this week and there is a card for you! 50 years old? dang… just wait till you’re 52, now THAT will be a party!!!

I forgot to explain all the pictures last week! So the sandwich is called a “samoan” and its a missionary meal. Its toast with ramen, egg, ham, and cheese and its SOOOO GOOD!!!!!

There’s a family in the ward that we always go to when we don’t have any dinner appointments, and whenever we go we have to ask them to turn the Olympics off, and they always say no because that’s how they bond as a family. Haha, so I have been getting a little look at the events.

Dad, yes i have met President Jordan and I love him! We had interviews with him and his wife a couple weeks ago, they are awesome. The only thing that we might not get a long with is BYU. But, in my interview he talked to me about how we are going to be together for my whole mission because we both came in recently. He then said that together he and I will change the mission for the better and keep it the #1 mission in the world!

We taught Martin and Stacy about Baptism on tuesday, and they are praying to know if its the right thing to do. Thursday we taught the law of chastity. They understood why and how it helps our lives and they committed to obey it, except they can’t move out from each other because of Lily, their daughter. We saw Martin on friday by himself and he said that he and Stacy want to save some money and in a couple years get married and baptized on the same day, which is good. But, they can’t wait a couple years. We told them to focus and pray about baptism and nothing else, not even marriage because we know that when they know and feel that baptism is the right thing to do, they will make the right decision.

Our portuguese investigator, Dulce, is doing well. We taught her about fasting and baptism. she likes the idea of fasting and says she will do it. We had FHE and dinner at her house last night and it went so well. We watched mormon message about the Book of Mormon because her partner didn’t understand what it was. After, he really liked it and he said that it only makes sense that god would keep talking to us today, so I think he will start being apart of the lessons now.

Something i realized last week is that one of the greatest ways to strengthen your testimony is to share it as much as possible. I’m lucky enough to share multiple times a day, and Im so thankful for that.

I love you guys so much and think of you all everyday!


Yase/Yaddee/Yaz/Elder Leavitt

BRITISH WORD OF THE WEEK:  “CHEERS”-thank you, thanks.


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