Yes, the Olympics have started!  I bet you all got excited about the title of this email, expecting me to talk about how crazy it is here.  Well, there’s NO craziness at all!  Ha ha!  We are too faraway from London, so we don’t get to be involved in any way.  A lot of people are excited about it, but some don’t even care.  The Opening Ceremonies started at 9 PM here and ended at 1 AM, but we didn’t see any of it.  I was on a work over in Derehem and we were tracting and a lot of people said “no, the Olympics are about to start…bye!”  I just laughed about it!  Everyone here has said that all the people in London are coming up here to live until the Olympics are over because its super busy and crazy and everything is more expensive.  I did get to see the torch come through a few weeks ago!  It was awesome!  Here is a picture of my English Mickey Mouse that Dixon & Shay gave me.  It’s like the gnome on the travel commercials that goes everywhere with me in my missionary travels!

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK:  POSH-Classy, nice, elegant.  “That Burberry tie you are wearing is POSH.”


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