July 9, 2012

Hello everyone!!!  So I have alot to tell you guys!  I’m so excited to tell you guys, I had my first miracle in my mission.  After we did all of our P-day stuff, Elder Grasser and I didn’t want to go out because it was raining, but, we decided that we should.  We decided to walk through the park and go knock on doors because I have never done it before!  So we were walking and he saw a row of houses and he told me he felt good about that row, which was cool because I really felt like we needed to go there also.  So we went and knocked on the first door and before we could even finish saying “hello” she invited us in!  Her name is Catherine and she has 3 daughters that are 10, 8, and 2.  She investigated 3 years ago but didn’t get baptized because her boyfriend wouldn’t get married to her so she left the church.  She said that the first time she was stopped by the Elders was when she was having a rough time and then they found her.  She told us that she was just thinking about the church three days before and was having a very hard time…..then we showed up!  So I know that through faith and using the spirit in our lives, we can have miracles. I’m so excited to teach her!!!

Elder Leavitt




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