July 2, 2012

Well, I’m in the most north part of my mission in the Norwich stake.  We are in Kings Lynn right in the middle of town.  So if you guys go on Google Earth, we are across the street from a store called “Sainsburys.”  It’s surrounded by a bunch of shops.  I love it here so far and today is the first time it rained!!  It’s been so beautiful here.  My companion is Elder Grasser from Germany.  He’s actually full American.  His parents are from Utah and Colorado.  He grew up bilingual.  We are so good together and we are going to get everyone baptized!!  I really love him and he is training me so well.  He told me last night that every missionary he’s served with said that they didn’t actually stop and talk to people until they were about 3-4 weeks into their mission.  I have stopped at least 8 a day since I’ve been here!  I don’t know how anyone couldn’t, all you have to do is smile and ask what makes them happy!  We have been so busy, it’s amazing!  We are currently teaching a family  whose names are Martin and Stacy and their daughter Lilly.  They are really, really enjoying our lessons.  Stacy loves them and knows that everything that we teach is true.  Martin isn’t too sure yet, but he really wants to know if its true, so he’s praying a lot.  They really love the aspects of family.  We are also teaching an investigator named Dulce.  She’s from Portugal and has been taking the lessons for a couple of months. DIXON:  I need some stuff to say in Portuguese!  Another investigator is Delma from Sao Paulo!

So this whole week has been a great one.  We have had at least 5 step-ins in the park.  What a step in is, is when we stop someone and we talk to them, then we sit down with them for about 10 minutes and teach a little.  I had my very first “I NEED to stop this person and talk to them” moment and we had about a 20-30 minute lesson with her walking in the park!  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she committed to read it and to pray.  I have a really good feeling about her and I’m really excited!

So yesterday was my first Sunday in the Kings Lynn Ward.  There was an American family of 12 there that are leaving tomorrow, so it was their last day in church.  A lot of the kids in the ward bore their testimony and I felt the love of the ward so strong and also the spirit.  It reminded me so much of the Palmyra Ward and my amazing family.  I got up and bore my testimony and was crying the whole time.  I thanked everyone for the love I felt.  I’m so excited to get them involved with the missionary work, we really need them.  Which brings me to my next point.  Please do all that you can to help the missionaries in the ward.  There’s always some way to help.  Offer to go with them to teach a less active or an investigator!  Do something!  Please tell Bishop Call to thank the ward for me, and that I really miss all of them.  I can’t wait to hear from you guys again!!  Please pray for me!!

Love, Elder Yase Bear


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